Main solution we offer to our customers is to help them to install and maintain a server in their company and install on it required for management software. We strongly recommend to use linux operational system and open source software as much as possible in order to facilitate freedom of change. This is based on our believe that since we live in a dynamic world - changes are inevitable.

Part of software we advice to install is sure linux based and includes such programs as: apache web server, php, mysql etc.

The result in the most cases is a computer database and file system that can be accessed from the company's staff computers and/or mobile phones using a web browser. The system provides tools to view, maintain and operate product databases, orders handling, logistics, operational management etc.

Since all is open source - the customer is not tightened to limits of number of users per server or monthly/anually payments. Customer may choose who will serve them and when since the software is well known by most of the engeneers of this industry and available for virtually any change.